Change Your IP Address Instantly....Constantly

IPRental delivers the world's largest pool of IP addresses, all of which are non-contiguous USA IPv4 delivered via a revolutionary IP address rotation service allowing users around the world to connect to an ever-changing pool of fresh IPs for 100% anonymous and secure web surfing. IPRental customers are immune to web censorship by repressive government regimes, nosy employers, ISPs harvesting personal data for clients, or any other entity attempting to track info or control information delivered over the Internet. IPRental customers include journalists, activists, overseas travelers, and anyone wanting security and anonymity while accessing the Internet.

Whats New

We've just completed a major revamp of our entire back and front-end infrastructure for this third iteration of IPRental. We are excited to introduce many new improvements and features, along with a new suite of software tools which includes the IPRental Automator, IPRental API 3.0 and the WHOIS API which are available to Ultimate members. These tools help individuals and companies in completing their anonymity tasks. We give you access to world-class automation tools specifically designed to work with our systems at no extra cost. We've now added support for IPv6, available on a separate network allowing you to choose which protocol best suits your needs.

New with IPRental 3.0

The new IPRental 3.0 client takes full advantage of our revamped and optimized new infrastructure. With faster load-times and a reduced memory foot print, IPRental 3.0 now works seamlessly with more operating systems and browsers including Windows 7 & 8, Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 12.x, and FireFox 3.6.x & 4.x. Now users can simply run IPRental in Firefox as an Add-on.

  • Adjust default IP lease time
  • Match users time zone
  • Automatic signin
  • Delete cookies upon refresh
  • Delete super-cookies upon refresh
  • Geo-location selection
  • IP validity check
  • Background service
  • Targeted to use .NET 4.x
  • User-agent modification swap
  • Virgin/fresh IP display

Membership Levels

  • Ultimate - Allows full access to all new Automation & API tools...more IPs and more tools all available for the fixed price of 300 USD per month.
  • Premium - Access to 2000 IPs per day with a 3 second refresh rate for 200 USD per month using our standard IPRental 3.0 windows client.
  • Standard - Access to 700 IPs per day with a 120 second refresh rate for 100 USD per month using our standard IPRental 3.0 windows client.


The IPRental Auotmator automates any online task, controlling proxy settings for different IP addresses, user-agents, and geo-location all via the IPRental Auotmator script file. Create an Automator script to store as many different operations as needed. The scripting language is straightforward- even non-programmers can create simple routines. For power users and programmers, the language is expandable enough to accomplish some amazing things as the robust syntax supports regular expression, Boolean operands, and static/dynamic tokenization. There is no additional charge for use of the Automator for Ultimate level members.

More details soon to come

IPRental API 3.0

The latest version of the IPRental API now features fixed pricing. Instead of charging per IP leased, API 3.0 allows Ultimate members up to 2,000 IPs per day per account. Amateur or professional programmers can include IPRental's elite proxy service into any application or script. For those with commercial software applications needing an embedded proxy service, the IPRental API can be easily integrated, earning those owners up to $15 per sale via our Plimus partner program.

More Details

Stay safe, stay anonymous

IPRental provides leading edge privacy tools to keep you safe and anonymous online. If you want to unblock certain websites or content, keep your data secure from hackers, or just keep your browsing invisible to the eyes of a nosy employer, ISP, or a repressive government regime, we have the tools that work. Our powerful tools are unique in their ease of use. So if you need a rotating proxy service, or an API that will help you integrate serving of IPs into your software, you've come to the right place!

About API

The IPRental API (Application Programming Interface) allows software programs to access the IPRental network and take advantage of an enormous set of IP addresses that can be changed rapidly. Each Ultimate account is supplied with an Ultimate Key Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) which works in conjunction with your standard IPRental password.

After successful implementation, users of your application (the "User") will be required to provide an Ultimate Key, Username and Password in order to authenticate an IP lease. Statistical data relating to the account will be tracked and may be accessed by you (the "API license holder") and or your User. To access our API 3.0 you will need an Ultimate Account subscription which runs 300 USD per month.